Energy Saving ideas

One way to save on energy costs and bills is to be more efficient with it’s usage, here are a few energy saving ideas and tips on how we can save energy.

  • Open fireplaces lets out a considerable amount of heat, fireplaces should be covered or blocked when not in use to help prevent warm air from escaping through the chimney. You may also be losing heat through gaps around doors and windows, draught excluders may be used around doors and windows to help reduce heat loss.
  • Carpets help retain heat in the home and office, consider covering bare floors with carpets to help reduce heat loss.
  • Curtains and blinds can be left open during sunny days to help heat and brighten up rooms naturally from the sun. Solar heating with solar panels is good at helping to supplement your normal heating source and any excess may be sold.
  • Switch off lights in rooms that are not in use, you can have sensors that switch on lights as anyone walks in or install timers that automatically switch off lights and heating when not used.
  • Use more efficient light bulbs for example a 10 watt LED bulb can replace a 60 Watt standard or 40 Watt halogen bulb. LED light bulbs could cut costs and therefore save energy usage by at least 6 times and over which is just one of the great energy saving ideas.
  • Insulating the Cavity of your walls and even floors can help trap heat in and help keep rooms warmer for longer which is a good energy saving idea.
  • Most suppliers offer a discount for getting both gas and electricity and sometimes phone/broadband from the same supplier.
  • Warm Home discount scheme setup by the UK government provides a £140 discount on your electricity bill if you were getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.
  • Be more efficient with appliances. For example setting your washing machine to a lower temperature 30 degrees instead of 40, 50 etc, ovens and hobs get very hot and retain their heat long after use. If you time it right you can turn the temperature down or even off before your meal is ready. Do be careful though not to under cook your meal. Simple things like turning appliances off completely rather than leaving them on standby is a easy energy saving idea.
  • All appliances in the UK should be sold with a (EU) European Union energy rating by law. Ratings range from A to G, with G being the least efficient and A being the most efficient, when purchasing an appliance consider spending  on appliances and light bulbs that have the best ratings.
  • It is worth shopping around for the lowest rate per kWh, the lower the cost the less your bill will be.
  • Ovens loose heat when the oven door is opened. Keep the oven door clean so you can regularly check if the food is ready without unnecessarily opening the door. This helps to preserve the heat inside the oven.

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