Dual fuel deals

Dual fuel deals are when you agree to get your electricity and gas supply  from the same utility company. Typically the utility company offering the dual fuel deal offers it at a discount. In other words if you were to receive it separately i.e. billed separately or from two separate suppliers it might cost slightly more. The advantage of having both gas and electric from the same supplier is that you only have to deal with one company. It’s easier and as the supplier is selling you two products they can offer both gas and electricity at a slight discount and cheaper. More and more families including pensioners are opting for cheap dual fuel deals. Getting the best dual fuel deal could save you a considerable amount every month so it is worth shopping around for the best dual fuel deal available. In addition to a good dual fuel deal you could also have your energy price fixed for a few years which ensures that you are unaffected by possible increases in gas and electricity prices. Ofgem has predicted that energy bills could increase by as much as sixty percent over the next few years. In the UK Southern Electric are offering a good dual fuel deal that provides peace of mind by fixing prices for 3 years. In addition a greater saving can be made by paying by direct debit. Southern Electric also promise to give anyone a yearly discount of £40 and an extra saving of £6 if paperless billing is chosen for both gas and electric – a total saving of £92 per year for dual fuel which is good value for money. All this together you would be getting cheaper gas and electricity to your home. In 2015 Southern Electric also cut their prices by 4.1% on their standard tariffs and guarantee no price increases until at least July 2016.

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